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Swim Spas

Improve the Quality of Your Everyday Life.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete or simply want to increase your flexibility and endurance, you and your family will thrive together in an In-Fit Exercise Pool. Accessibility is the key to integrating a fitness program into your life. Imagine it: an aquatic gym at your home, ready for use 24/7. No drive to a weight room; no line for equipment; no wait for a swim lane. Now slip into the temperature-ready, crystal clear water of your In-Fit.

Start with a leisurely warm-up swim or row workout, or hit the high switch and go for it! No matter what your level , once the In-Fit becomes part of your routine, you’ll find yourself pushing a little harder and feeling better month after month. Don’t forget to wind down with a hydro-massage and let our pulsating jets soothe away the remaining cares of the day.

In Fit 18PRO

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In Fit 13SL

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In Fit 16SL

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